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Autovectorization in GCC

Today we will take a plunge off the deep end and see what vectorization is all about. Imagine being able to speed up a program you created many many times over, who would not want that? If this is an option you have at your disposal, you would be quite foolish not to take full […]

Building an Open Source Software Package

Today we’re going to be building an open source software package from the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Project. How exciting!! Now lets pick a package to build… Initially I’m very surprised with the vast amount of packages that are offered to the developer. A total of 395 by my estimation, although one package in particular […]

Aarch64 and x86_64 Assembler

For the purposes of this endeavor we will be building off of the last Compiled C Lab post. Except this time, instead of just using compiler options to look into changes of the assembly code, we will actually be writing an assembly program on two different architectures! “Cool” (only says the geeks)! Lets get going… […]

First Look into Assembly Language

Of all the languages I have learned thus far, one that I haven’t looked at in too much detail was the scary looking Assembly language which is architecture-specific machine language. We will be examining how this language interacts and stores information in the CPUs registers and uses the instructions accordingly. For the purposes of this […]

Contributing to GNU Via Patches

I am doing something that I have yet to learn during my time as a programming student, which is to review how (two) open source software packages handle software changes (“patches”) from their respective communities. The first open source software package I will be looking into is the GNU project’s Bourne Again Shell (BASH). This […]